Oyster 72 "AYAXA" Hull Paint

Sail Yacht "Ayaxa" was manufactured in 2010 in the UK, with its original hull color in white. The owner contacted our company to change the color of his brand new boat. After several Alw Grip selections, he stopped by a surprisingly offbeat color, the Stone Gray Metallic by Awl Grip! 

Our team, which already had numerous metallic paint experiences fixed the ideal date based on the weather in December 2010. 

Only three days after the paint, this beautiful Oyster which still shines with her Stone Gray Metallic color, has become the star among our previous painting projects. 

Although she needs a laborious hull paint care and protection, her paint was guaranteed for 4 years from 2010.

Tracking the sliding pictures in this section, you can view her paint history easily!